Friday, August 1, 2014

Traitor to Battered Mothers: Janice Levinson, Co-Founder of Protective Mothers Alliance (PMA)

Repeat after me,  Back Stabbing, Back Stabbing, Back Stabbing, Back Stabbing

Janice Levinson Affidavit to Help Stalker Bill Windsor Harass and Terrorize Battered Mothers.
It speaks for its self. This is PROTECTING battered mothers? We digress.
Shame on you Janice, shame, shame, shame.


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  1. She is one cold hearted, calculating, narcissistic, gas lighting, two faced bitch. She keeps saying WHERES THE PROOF? OMG!

    She is worst than my child raping ex who has custody of my child... thank god I never gave her my court documents. This could be me!! This could be any mother.

    I am so sorry to this mom and all the moms who have become open hunting for her.

    Her latest of posts trying to act like she is clueless. Sickening.
    Protective Mothers' Alliance International

    Hearing an accusation about PMA, Janice or Lundy ? ASK THE ACCUSER FOR PROOF if you want to know the truth. Please do not accuse anyone without proof. Gossip is dangerous. Currently, several Protective Mothers are being abused ( not just PMA), with libel and cyber bullying and some "advocates" in the movement are supporting the abusers by promoting and working with them , staying silent, victim blaming, excusing their abuse, attempting to silence victim's voices and more. Please stand up for what is right. Do not stay silent ASK FOR PROOF. Tell the abuser to stop!!! Hold abusers accountable. Help protective moms from being re-victimized. Let's treat each other with kindness, respect and love. Protective Mothers' have been through so much. Love to you all