Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Where’s The Evidence? You asked.

To begin with…..
Claudine DOES NOT OWN OR POST TO THIS BLOG! There are several of us who were victimized by Janice and her giving of our personal information out to domestic terrorist Bill Windsor for his stalking pleasure, endangering our and our children's lives.
We WILL NOT take down this blog until Janus takes down hers and Lundy Bancroft retracts his statement denouncing AMPP and his personal attack on Claudine and AMPP just to protect that bitch Janice who is killing mothers and her children!
Janice has made it very personal instead of JUST all the AMPP moms – lets go after Claudine……..Remove that BITCH from hurting REAL mothers and we will stop warning people of her dangerous for glory ‘selling’ out of mothers for her personal gain.

To Lundy Bancroft.
There are no words for what you must know, only everyone else knows what Janice is doing. So FUCK YOU! Your Cult Religion and profit off of us moms.
Lundy Bancroft: New Religion? - Ottawa Divorce .com Forums Hi All, For all those reading Lundy Bancroft's books on domestic violence I provide the following link for you to consider: Posted:
Also, a small group of us moms have learned that Claudine is back in the hospital with her 2nd stroke – so don’t even try to blame this on her although I am sure she would accept the blame for us to speak loud and strong. Claudine, you have done enough, may you find peace in that God or the Goddess show you. This is now our battle
Lets Begin:
@00:57 time mark windsor states that janice levinson wrote a 5 page affidavit for him against Claudine Dombrowski.  Of course we knew we'd be attacked mainly by extreme fathers rights, shared parenting etc. but NOT a purported DV "expert" #SHAME#NEVERGIVEUP #NEVERSHUTUP #NEVERGOAWAY ! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eps-zBcUDao&feature=c4-overview&list=UUhwpfgqEZnbFH28fia8byPQ
Reply to Lundy Bancroft - Change is here, Lead, Follow or get out of the way. Human Rights
What follows:
Barry Goldstein Claudine Dombrowski is a legitimate protective mother who has been viciously abused not only by her former husband but by the broken court system that has sought to silence Claudine by unspeakable retaliatory and punitive approaches that could only serve to hurt her daughter.

Barry Goldstein Whatever Bill's personal grievances they do not justify actions that harm a child whose life is endangered by the courts and undermine the work good and sincere people are doing to reform the broken system. Bill's personal issues are far less important and if he understood or cared about protective mothers and the broken system he would know that. Janice Levenson is a friend of mine and I hope she can hear this right. In supporting Bill in his attack on Claudine (and Claudine's daughter) she is undermining the work and her work on behalf of all protective mothers and their children.
Do you hear that Janice? Shut the fuck up already STOP HURTING MOTHERS AND THEIR CHILDREN!!!
And it continues in comments through out the weekend.
Lundy telling people to denounce and chose which is btw a form of abuse is acceptable ?
PMA will help people attack you just for being friends with AMPP ...... Janice hate me, tina will gaslight you to support Janice ..... this is the issues ...... Janice made this War for her own EGO, and Lundy is going to paid for it

American mothers political party- a group of moms who offer support and resources-- for free-- a place that is safe to vent- a place where nobody will post your personal info- or home address- and you will not be RE-victimized

And Bloggers start to come out!
It has been brought to my attention that my website link is posted on the website for Protective Mother's Alliance owned and operated by Janice Levinson using famed DV expert Lundy Bancroft's name and works (with his permission). I want to state to the readers of my blog that due to recent actions taken by Levinson and others affiliated with her and her group and as of this morning condoned by Bancroft, that I do not and never have support Levinson nor PMA.
At one time I had a very high level of respect for Bancroft but that has completely disipated in light of his blind support of Levinson in her attempt to smear several protective mother's good names in what I perceive to be a voyage to notoriety, power, fame, glory and monetary gain by Levinson. My respect for Bancroft has disinigrated to nothing at this point and i am saddened when I see what was once a solid record of teamwork between the different groups apparently being destroyed by one woman and what appears to be callous greed.
Lets continue with more comments:
Janice was bad mouthing AMPP telling people not to talk to them as you can see Lynn did the same with Bill Windsor ..... Lynn and PMA are the abuser and support a man, who the FBI calls a terrorist .....Janice is helping this man terrorize people ...... Janice used Bill Windsor as a tool.... and people sat and let it happen
Saturday at 4:34pm
Janice says: Where's the evidence?? OMFG she sees it (as does Bancroft) still they protect their classic bullshit terrorism back onto the victims.

The wonderful wonderful Janice, selling out mothers.
WARNING PMA, will give your Personal Information to the MRA or the Con Artist Bill Windsor of Lawless America........
This Group, said they are for Protective Mother, But share Bill Windsor Blog post outing 32 domestic violence survivor with their full names and addresses , some with full protective orders, because the father try to murder his very young child, Then Started another Blog, in support to Bill Windsor attacks on these women. Lies that it is a difference of opinion that other groups do not like Bill Windsor , for having a Pedophile to do his filming, or for Stealing money from people, who cannot paid their rent. This group will put your personal information at risk, for Janice Levinson, personal vendetta to attack AMPP, because AMPP told someone at some conference, that they want money to be part of their group, when AMPP is free.
602712_524842297565997_1809243909_n (1)

Barry Goldstein Another example of why I so admire Jennifer. Claudine has made enormous sacrifices for her daughter and our movement and it is wrong that Bill and others have attacked her the way he did.

Protective Mothers  Alliance Internationalevidence

Janice helped Bill find her too, I remember that. We are supposed to get along while Janice supplies Bill Windsor with names and addresses of other protective mothers. Who will Janice sacrifice next?


See Janice’s Evil hate on her dog blog about every one her and Bill decide to hurt abusiveadvocates.wordpress.com
The dog Blog

Janice Levinsonevidence
There is more. OH SO MUCH MORE!!! But one post at a time.
See: for comments https://www.facebook.com/AngelFury/posts/10151804909510229



  1. Pie Man Zombie HunterJuly 22, 2013 at 6:53 PM

    this is not my work,I would have show how she help two monsters Bill Windsor and Sarah T....to hurt mothers

  2. So I get pointed to yet another place where you're talking shit about me Kim. I have never spoke to Janice Levinson IN MY LIFE. I have never spoke to Barry Goldstein IN MY LIFE. Yet people have shown me screenshots of you saying we email eachother. You are delusional Kim..And the more you spew your crap, the more it shows..I hurt mothers? Please..Lori H and Maria M are child abusers.CHILD ABUSERS. Whoever thinks Kim wrote this blog needs to think again. The writer is clearly far more literate then Wigglesworm could ever be.

  3. writer of blog? its a copy paste from the comments, any one could have Written it? IDK about ANY OTHER abusive moms imho NO mother should ever hurt another mother bc we do not know. But thanks to jANUS the really only fraud and liar I know now the internet is flooded with mothers attacking mothers. It needs to stop but who ever does this blog. I am glad bc I for one am sick of that bitch causing so much pain for so many.
    The absolute only one wwho needs judged here is Janice herself for being such a vindictive evil bitch and to Lundy Bancroft and his freeking cult of animals.

  4. Another PMA VictimJuly 23, 2013 at 9:20 AM

    I have been following along and am still amazed how Janice and Lundy do so much harm and then Janice writes and acts like she is the victim.

    So very crazy. Janice is a Dangerous person. to actually help in court to hurt other moms should on its face be enough for any one with common sense to oust her. Not to mention handing over info and assisting Bill Windsor stalk harras and terrorize.

    Enough is enough. Step down Janice

  5. I agree. And as one who simply unfriends or blocks people when i have had enough, when I am being told (and not requesting anyone to do this I might add) that people directly responsible in the inner workings of PMA are making false statements about me? WHY????? What does this solve Janice, Ej, and Gayle? I have all of you blocked - not the other way around. Not that it matters. I will state here for all of you to see, SINCE I HAVE ALL OF YOU BLOCKED - I have not and I will never ask anyone to 'SPY' on you. I do not care what you do. I know what and who I am and if someone does not believe that, then they can move on. Those who do believe me and see the abuse perpetrated on my child and i by my abuser are welcome to stay. Those who feel like they are helping me, I appreciate your help. I have people in my life who already try to damage my credibility - people who SHOULD BE supporting me. I appreciate all those who do everything they do to try to help me counter abuse - no matter where it comes from. I do NOT want anyone to do this though. The people who have reported my name being used are simply people who care about my chid and I and they do not want us hurt. So take my name off your lips, off your posts and erase it from your minds PLEASE!!! I don't like you, you don't like me, we are very clear about that. LEAVE ME ALONE! I ABIDED BY BARRY'S REQUEST AND DEADLINE. YOU DID NOT. GO AWAY FROM ME PLEASE!!!

  6. I am one of the name s mentioned. I have not even spared a thought about Lundy or Janice for years. Work On protecting children and women from violence is a good thing to do. Exposing people who are abusive is important. I am shocked and saddened to see that this woman continues to hurt our work this way. I am now in a safe place and mentioning my name has no impact. In fact, a lot of people like whats been done. The only name tarnished by their own actions are Lundy and Janice. I should also point out that their comments are libellous and fits the criteria for stalking charges. If they continue, I may have to take them to court. If I win, the money will be donated to getting other mums affected into a safer situation. In the meantime, I would encourage all mothers affected to take legal action against these people.

  7. WOW! I am just sickened. This is worst than any of our abusers and the court whores who have taken our children! She calls herself an advocate? Lundy supports this?

    How many countless mother's has she done this too? How many more (I bet hundreds by the use of Lundy) is she still holding hostage? My heart aches for them. Oh my god this horrible and completely deplorable.

    Thinking of all those mother's and the treatment and agony that must be inflicted on them. The hate of janice and lundys public admonishment of the mother who leads the IACHR case for all us moms and our c hildren. .. mouth dropping. Beyond words.

  8. Attacking the lead mother at the IACHR Huma RIghts Violations.
    Sick. Sick sick.
    Evil. Just pure evil.

  9. Please read this for the truth on abuse of http://michaelswish.com/michaels-wish