Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Janice Levinson: The Greatest Traitor to Humanity and the Battered Mother s Movement.

Janice Levinson – Using the Blood of Battered Mothers and Children for Her personal Gain – Protective Mothers Alliance

Janice Levinson

She Will Lure You in and Mercilessly Slaughter You and Your Children
Stay as far away as you can from this very evil very deadly – as in she freely will give all your personal information to you and your child’s abuser.
Obviously she is a fake always has been. I know she knows and so does Massachusetts in that this woman actually did claim abuse when none was there. FALSE ABUSE allegations that those who have been abused must over come because of people like her.
She set her husband up… she NEVER lost her children, HE NEVER kept her children from her….
Janice used the blood of REAL battered mothers and their children for her own personal gain and selfish agenda.

Beware….the Propaganda of Deception Janice Levinson. Protective Mothers Alliance and her Partner Bill Windsor Lawless America.

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  1. I cannot believe that someone would set up something so hateful and vicious. This page is utterly abusive, and should be taken down immediately.
    If you want to make a reasoned argument and back it up with solid evidence, go right ahead. But this is just foul and libellous, and completely without humanity. I came to this page with an open mind, and leave it absolutely sick to my stomach.
    Please take this down. It just adds to the pain in the world.