Monday, July 1, 2013

Janice Levenison When You Play With Wolves

When You Pick Victims and REAL Victim Advocates to Slam for The Sole Purpose of Raising Your Own Self Serving, Self Absorbed Worthless Self.....

There Will Always Be Repercussions. Choose Your Battles Wisely.

So You Like Wolves? Always Easy To Define Someone By Whom they Project Their-selves on.

When You Play With Wolves -- Be Careful.

They Bite Back.


  1. Your a complete idiot Janice, Bet down the winding road you will be Bills Enemy, it doesnt take much but to disagree, but you know this because you are one in the same, I will tell you as I have told him, post, blog, screen shot, post about me, I do not give a rats ass baby, been there done that, wth are you and advocate of, lol, go play on your dumbass wolves page you know nothing of, lier lier pants on fire, you can hurt or harm me,its already been done, grow up

  2. I mean seriously am I susposed to be skared, ,lol

  3. I saw that other blog Janice did. Horrible.
    I lost my child to abuser. I am in so much pain. I want to die every day. I continue bc of claudine and lorraine and the mother's who are ampp.

    By example is how you gain trust. We have watched claudines case for 15 years! She is the most real person out there. She showed and bared it all her life and loss.
    Lorraine for janice to work with bil is sickening.
    I am really glad to see some one did this blog.

  4. Lorraine keeps the inspiration going on facebook I love both claudine and lorraine.
    Thanks you American Mother's Political Party.

  5. Thanks for opening comments. Sad that we are afraid of so called advocates like Janice and protective mothers alliance.
    Janice has her own. 'Hit' hate list. She and Bill Windsor are of the same cloth.

    Like comments above. I just want to survive support I want my child back. I have been beaten raped and left for dead then he took my kids!

    No one needs to be on anyone's. 'Hit' list. Evil people. Thanks again for opening comments. We do need a safe voice without repercussion.

  6. It is not difficult to see what group is the better of the two! Neither will give legal advice (that SUCKS) AMPP shares information that includes live contacts who may be able to help, and the published information is always free. PMA requires court documents to review to make sure you are a battered mother before they will share any type of information and they make you pay for a background check. I tried to get to the BMCC the year they were both there, as I was hoping to get help from both groups. Janice did not show up and the PMA program consisted of a new age prayer ceremony. The people at the BMCC were rude to the AMPP people and they were only allowed a few minutes. One woman spoke on racial issues and another spoke on internet safety. I asked Lundy about PMA and he told me to contact Janice, who never got back to me. I do credit AMPP with my ability to retain partial custody. The attack of PMA on AMPP just proves to me that PMA is not a Christian movement and it does not serve mothers. I think it is just a new wave religion with some money making retreats and books on the side. Similar to lawless, profiting off of the stories the mothers have shared with them out of desperation and hope. Love you moms!

    1. Claudine DombrowskiMarch 14, 2013 at 6:36 AM

      Thanks hon. Well said. I had forgotten about the prayer stuff. Recall vividly the charging for your own legal records. that was so dangerous and my main concern with them.

      I am so sorry that moms have to be subjected to even more hell than they are put through by their own cases.

      I love you moms!

  7. Claudine and lorraine have been my strength when I had none-- they never asked for my case info- or donations- they were there for me always- along with the other AMPP moms

  8. I saw Janices hit list untill she freaked in relizing I was in her private group, funny thing I do recall Bill Winsore on her list, so is she just playing the fence, after I said she should add .......she I guess then relized who I was,lol, and I swear by this I saw BW on here hate list in her private group

  9. Claudine DombrowskiMarch 14, 2013 at 6:29 AM

    She is an animal. she does not care who she uses to get to her top. The mountain of bodies she and Bill climb are just all in a days work. No sleep lost for either one.

  10. Love Ampp, thank u for Always being there in everything. I never even heard of PMA untill she started being a pain in thy buttocks

  11. Still love my Ampp :)

  12. This is mortifying as a new mother to this problem in family courts. I am very grateful to found AMPP and after researching how Janice Levinson and Lundy Bancroft assisted a stalker like Bill Windsor I am even more happy to have found AMPP. Every DV coalition that has his books on their shelves should take them off! Despicable and very abuser like. They tell us to leave our abuser and then we get put with "advocates" like that? Putting mothers and their children in danger all for the sake of their own wealth and fame. Truly horrible people. Thank God for AMPP is all I can say!

    p.s. signing anonymously for fear of retaliation from renowned domestic violence author/advocate Lundy Bancroft and his sidekick