Thursday, June 13, 2013

The Ugly Duckling That Stayed Ugly

Poor Janice and her motley team of hatred.
 The more they propagate their hate the more they become what they spew.

  1. AMPP has attacked my organization, Protective Mothers' AllianceInternational, myself and Lundy Bancroft (our co founder) on and off for years. Please understand I am a protective mom, (YOU ARE A LYING BITCH) so we are supposed to be on the same team as AMPP. But no, they even attack their own team members.

    Lundy Bancroft is the author of several books about family court corruption and has appeared in court cases as an expert witness. He has trained and educated judges on the dynamics of DV in family court and is very well respected in the family court reform movement speaking around the world at various conferences. His first book " Why Does He Do That? Inside the Minds of Angry and Controlling Men" is widely considered bible- like in it's truth an insights about abusers.

    AMPP called Lundy a fraud and part of the extreme fathers
    rights movement. Both of which is such a lie and laughable. They spread slander all over the internet about PMA and myself saying such lies as; We are dangerous,we put mothers personal info out on the net, we charge fees to join PMA and so much more. All lies . All baseless
    allegations They went so far as to contact our leaders via email saying as such in an attempt to put or organization out of business. They did not succeed, yet oddly, they keep trying to join us and stalk us on Face Book repeatedly by trying to join all our groups and
    sometimes creating new profiles under different names to do so.

    We established a PMA no abuse zone and posted it on our website because of these attacks and also to protect our moms from their abuse. We are constantly approached by them and others wanting AMPP to work with PMA. When I refuse, another attack of lies begins with them saying
    PMA does not want to work with other orgs. I tell them not true, since PMA does work with other orgs but PMA does not work with abusers,no matter their gender. My life was threatened right before a Battered Mothers Custody Conference where the slander continued as Claudine D. told several participates at this conference not to bother listening to Lundy and my speech, as we were both frauds. Our original Face book page was hi-jacked by Lorraine Tipton and Cara Wilson who then open the flood gates allowing Claudine and other AMPP ers in and forcing me out. They started a Face Book group with vulgar titles that had Lundy's picture on the profile . One group had Lundy's face on a sock puppet and was titled " will the real Lundy Bancroft please stand up?" The other group's title was too vulgar for me to even mention, but also had Lundy's picture. I was successful in getting Face book to tear these down as even they could see how bad the bullying was by the title and content of these groups. They have done so much more to even post here, but this will give you a good idea of what they do to fellow protective mothers.

    So, AMPP is at it again, making us protective moms look bad. Please know they do not represent most protective mothers . . My feelings are, regardless how you feel about an organization it's leader, philosophies, practices ect. it is never ok to abuse. Their is no excuse for their behavior. No excuse for abuse, especially in a movement that is fighting abuse. Kudos to Lundy for being one of the few in the mothers movement willing to stand up for the truth and stand up to their abuse.He is truly a man of character and will always have my total respect. Kudos to Bill for doing the same. In a movementfighting corruption and abuse, their is no room for abusers , no matter their gender.

    --Janice Levinson
    Protective Mothers' Alliance International
    Executive Director/co-founder

Claudine is no hero. She is an abuser. Her actions are exactly like
protective moms' abuser exes. Protective mothers, need a united front
yes, but you cannot work with abusers. For you and others to say this, shows
exactly the same mindset as family court saying to you , you need
to be united and work it out with your abuser ex. We all need to learn
from our experiences and not repeat mistakes. Not to be hypocrites,
We need to walk our talk. Abusers come in both genders. Her actions
are inhibiting our progress. Other mothers denials of who she really is by defending her and continuing to work with her
damages the mothers movement and our credibility. Don't forget she attacks other protective moms too.
Anyone who gets too much attention for her liking gets, attacked by
her so - called group. Protective mothers who engage with her and her group need to wake up, heal and stop exchanging devotion from
one abuser to another. Regardless of father on mother abuse or mother
on mother abuse, abuse is abuse and should never be tolerated.

That's ok...   "We All Can't Be Beautiful"
We all know that evil will self implode upon its self...
ewwwww but take cover when it does!! Umbrella?

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  1. hahahaha
    She is one evil evil sorry excuse for a human
    Powder Puff Girls Rocccckkkkkkkkk!