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Traitor to Battered Mothers: Janice Levinson, Co-Founder of Protective Mothers Alliance (PMA)

Repeat after me,  Back Stabbing, Back Stabbing, Back Stabbing, Back Stabbing

Janice Levinson Affidavit to Help Stalker Bill Windsor Harass and Terrorize Battered Mothers.
It speaks for its self. This is PROTECTING battered mothers? We digress.
Shame on you Janice, shame, shame, shame.


Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Where’s The Evidence? You asked.

To begin with…..
Claudine DOES NOT OWN OR POST TO THIS BLOG! There are several of us who were victimized by Janice and her giving of our personal information out to domestic terrorist Bill Windsor for his stalking pleasure, endangering our and our children's lives.
We WILL NOT take down this blog until Janus takes down hers and Lundy Bancroft retracts his statement denouncing AMPP and his personal attack on Claudine and AMPP just to protect that bitch Janice who is killing mothers and her children!
Janice has made it very personal instead of JUST all the AMPP moms – lets go after Claudine……..Remove that BITCH from hurting REAL mothers and we will stop warning people of her dangerous for glory ‘selling’ out of mothers for her personal gain.

To Lundy Bancroft.
There are no words for what you must know, only everyone else knows what Janice is doing. So FUCK YOU! Your Cult Religion and profit off of us moms.
Lundy Bancroft: New Religion? - Ottawa Divorce .com Forums Hi All, For all those reading Lundy Bancroft's books on domestic violence I provide the following link for you to consider: Posted:
Also, a small group of us moms have learned that Claudine is back in the hospital with her 2nd stroke – so don’t even try to blame this on her although I am sure she would accept the blame for us to speak loud and strong. Claudine, you have done enough, may you find peace in that God or the Goddess show you. This is now our battle
Lets Begin:
@00:57 time mark windsor states that janice levinson wrote a 5 page affidavit for him against Claudine Dombrowski.  Of course we knew we'd be attacked mainly by extreme fathers rights, shared parenting etc. but NOT a purported DV "expert" #SHAME#NEVERGIVEUP #NEVERSHUTUP #NEVERGOAWAY !
Reply to Lundy Bancroft - Change is here, Lead, Follow or get out of the way. Human Rights
What follows:
Barry Goldstein Claudine Dombrowski is a legitimate protective mother who has been viciously abused not only by her former husband but by the broken court system that has sought to silence Claudine by unspeakable retaliatory and punitive approaches that could only serve to hurt her daughter.

Barry Goldstein Whatever Bill's personal grievances they do not justify actions that harm a child whose life is endangered by the courts and undermine the work good and sincere people are doing to reform the broken system. Bill's personal issues are far less important and if he understood or cared about protective mothers and the broken system he would know that. Janice Levenson is a friend of mine and I hope she can hear this right. In supporting Bill in his attack on Claudine (and Claudine's daughter) she is undermining the work and her work on behalf of all protective mothers and their children.
Do you hear that Janice? Shut the fuck up already STOP HURTING MOTHERS AND THEIR CHILDREN!!!
And it continues in comments through out the weekend.
Lundy telling people to denounce and chose which is btw a form of abuse is acceptable ?
PMA will help people attack you just for being friends with AMPP ...... Janice hate me, tina will gaslight you to support Janice ..... this is the issues ...... Janice made this War for her own EGO, and Lundy is going to paid for it

American mothers political party- a group of moms who offer support and resources-- for free-- a place that is safe to vent- a place where nobody will post your personal info- or home address- and you will not be RE-victimized

And Bloggers start to come out!
It has been brought to my attention that my website link is posted on the website for Protective Mother's Alliance owned and operated by Janice Levinson using famed DV expert Lundy Bancroft's name and works (with his permission). I want to state to the readers of my blog that due to recent actions taken by Levinson and others affiliated with her and her group and as of this morning condoned by Bancroft, that I do not and never have support Levinson nor PMA.
At one time I had a very high level of respect for Bancroft but that has completely disipated in light of his blind support of Levinson in her attempt to smear several protective mother's good names in what I perceive to be a voyage to notoriety, power, fame, glory and monetary gain by Levinson. My respect for Bancroft has disinigrated to nothing at this point and i am saddened when I see what was once a solid record of teamwork between the different groups apparently being destroyed by one woman and what appears to be callous greed.
Lets continue with more comments:
Janice was bad mouthing AMPP telling people not to talk to them as you can see Lynn did the same with Bill Windsor ..... Lynn and PMA are the abuser and support a man, who the FBI calls a terrorist .....Janice is helping this man terrorize people ...... Janice used Bill Windsor as a tool.... and people sat and let it happen
Saturday at 4:34pm
Janice says: Where's the evidence?? OMFG she sees it (as does Bancroft) still they protect their classic bullshit terrorism back onto the victims.

The wonderful wonderful Janice, selling out mothers.
WARNING PMA, will give your Personal Information to the MRA or the Con Artist Bill Windsor of Lawless America........
This Group, said they are for Protective Mother, But share Bill Windsor Blog post outing 32 domestic violence survivor with their full names and addresses , some with full protective orders, because the father try to murder his very young child, Then Started another Blog, in support to Bill Windsor attacks on these women. Lies that it is a difference of opinion that other groups do not like Bill Windsor , for having a Pedophile to do his filming, or for Stealing money from people, who cannot paid their rent. This group will put your personal information at risk, for Janice Levinson, personal vendetta to attack AMPP, because AMPP told someone at some conference, that they want money to be part of their group, when AMPP is free.
602712_524842297565997_1809243909_n (1)

Barry Goldstein Another example of why I so admire Jennifer. Claudine has made enormous sacrifices for her daughter and our movement and it is wrong that Bill and others have attacked her the way he did.

Protective Mothers  Alliance Internationalevidence

Janice helped Bill find her too, I remember that. We are supposed to get along while Janice supplies Bill Windsor with names and addresses of other protective mothers. Who will Janice sacrifice next?


See Janice’s Evil hate on her dog blog about every one her and Bill decide to hurt
The dog Blog

Janice Levinsonevidence
There is more. OH SO MUCH MORE!!! But one post at a time.
See: for comments


Thursday, March 13, 2014

State Of Deception: Janice Levinson and Bill Windsors Propoganda

Explore the Nazis' sophisticated propaganda campaigns and their legacy.

These two (Janice Levinson and Bill Windsor) are about all you need in hurting people.
Just like Bill, Janice in their sick twisted narcissistic minds try to turn tables back. Classic projection and delusional mind screwing. State of Deception.

Both do not care how many bodies they climb over, who they hurt or kill to get to their *perceived* top - whatever that might be.
I will not post that evil bitches blog.

But take a look over at joeys for the full article on the latest hell they are causing for more people.

Hitler and his sympathizers.
Bill Windsor and Janice Levinson


Huge "shout out" to the folks at joeys!

courtesy joeyisalittlekid 

Bill's Blogs Are Trying to Attack Us

***Rolls Eyes up and back***

I have avoided this blog, but I guess we can no longer do that.

"Sheri Westover, a protective mom was recently attacked on Facebook…this is truly horrific, the Joe-PPers (Joeys + AMPP) actually write a letter to the children she has not seen in years, bashing their mother, calling Sheri a racist and openly supporting her alleged abuser and telling the children “we hope you are placed in a good home“."

Ummmm, what?  No we didn't.  We don't even know who she is....or care, much less start writing letters to her children.
Read the rest here....

Thursday, August 1, 2013

From the Dog Blog--- Like Bill Windsor if the world does not spin around them --- TEMPER TANTRUM!

Janice Levinson:  I WANT MY WAY!!!


Janice, you use Claudine’s name in every other sentence , your obsessive posts would be empty if it were not used and then synonymously with your name and LB. You really are one sad sad little thing. You Shut down that dog blog, we will shut this one down.

Breaking News from Mother’s Movement: When Abuse is Acceptable (SUCH A DRAMA QUEEN)

When Abuse (DEFENSE) is Acceptable:  (As Long As it is Done By “Survivors” and to Professionals)


A popular (you wish) advocate (for abusers) in the Mother’s Movement (name withheld to protect her privacy) HA HA JANICE LEVINSON lashes out after Lundy Bancroft issued a statement denouncing Claudine Dombrowski (you just have to keep writing her name)and American Mothers Political Party (AMPP) for their abuse. Anon Advocate (JANICE LEVINSON) was upset (BECAUSE YOU SLAUGHTER MOTHERS AND YOU ARE UPSET THAT THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE?) that other Protective Moms were voicing concerns about Claudine (her name again) and AMPP, (You mean that they dare have thoughts of their own- how dare they) and the lack of response from the Mother’s Movement–which has become a very public debate which has fueled more vicious attacks, (As your doggy blog just cant seem to stop posting daily the battered mothers names) right in front of the eyes of the Mother’s Movement.

Even when the proof (the proof that moms are fight back at Windsor- and the proof that YOU JANICE LEVINSON are ASSITING BILL WINDSOR STALK humiliate and degrade COUNTLESS battered mothers) is pointed out to them, many advocates, professionals and organizations in the Mother’s Movement have chosen to defend/support/make excuses for the abuser and blame the victim for somehow deserving this brutality. (No, they just know the truth about you. Actually hurting, placing their very lives in danger, the battered mothers you purport to help)

(WE REMOVED THE IMAGES AND THE POSTS WITH RESPECT TO CLAUDINE AFTER SHE PUT LUNDY and You IN YOUR PLACE.. we however have lots more we can use however your posts are disgusting enough. lET JANICE DROWN IN HER OWN SELF MADE SELF PITY)




According to Anon Advocate…(Janice Levinson—as she speaks it must be true – Just like Bill Windsor) We should be more understanding when “wounded survivors” attack, (EXPECIALLY WHEN JANICE LEVINSON is the ATTACKER of the Battered Women) threaten and libel others. Claudine (wonder if you could even write a post w/o using her name?) & AMPP are connected to this hate blog, (Claudine nor AMPP are connected BUT as MOTHERS – BATTERED MOTHERS we know we can and are safe behind the name AMPP- something that you are clueless to. Safety for Mothers) and receiving sympathy from the Mother’s Movement even as they call Protective Mom (fake) & Advocate, Janice Levinson, a “c–” and a “b—” It is what it is When you sell out other mothers do not expect to get a princess crown. and post disgusting pictures that say “wild animal sex”. Is this becoming the norm in the Mother’s Movement?

Anon Advocate’s (JANICE LEVINSON)response…support the abusers hiding in the Mother’s Movement, the victims must be more tolerant of these deranged women because, after all, they did survive abuse! AND EXPECIALLY THE MOST DANGEROUS OF ALL THOSE WHO PURPORT TO HELP BATTERED MOMS THEN SELL THEM OUT – LITERALLY.


This blog connects directly to the AMPP main site..see how they yell “F– You!” to Lundy Bancroft, call him a “cult leader” who “profits off moms” and states that “Lundy Bancroft is no different than many of our abusers”. The bottom of this Verizon shot reads “Comment As American Mothers..”


According to this Anon Advocate (direct quote) “we are dealing with wounded survivors and everyone deals with trauma in his own way” so basically we need to be more tolerant and understanding of the abusive behavior of attack mothers in the Mother’s Movement, and look the other way as they stalk, terrorize and harass others (many who are Protective Moms or Helping Professionals). In her opinion, the Professionals should not be protected because they are not survivors, and should be able to handle the abuse on their own or get help.

This screenshot (below) gives the new rules on how to deal with abusers, according to this advocate from the Mother’s Movement:

New Rules of Mother’s Movement from Anon Advocate Janice Levinson .(OH PLEASE I GUESS THEY DO NOT APPLY TO YOU—YOU HAVE POSTED BLOG AFTER BLOG ON CLAUDINE THE LEAD PLAINTIFF AT THE IACHR YOU ARE A CUT THROAT BITCH—yes BITCH.) BUT GREAT IDEA NOW to shut the fuck up and stop slamming mothers names all over the internet STOP SELLING THEM TO BILL WINDSOR FOR YOUR ENJOYMENT and pleasure of watching mothers and her children SUFFER by your own actions.. Taking a stand against abuse, denouncing the actions of abusive advocates and supporting victims will no longer be “tolerated” because “we are not going to chose sides here”. “Those ‘Professionals” can take care of themselves or get the help they need’. Anon Advocate claims several (one and you must be fucking him) professionals have reviewed the complaints, and support (have openly asked you to stop hurting other mothers) her in this.(you are as psychotic as Bill Windsor—Drama King and Drama Queen – a match made in heaven!!

Anon Advocate even goes so far to say the victim does not have a right to defend them self because “this is about needs of the survivor”. This is an excuse for abuse. When does it become okay to frighten, intimidate and harm another person to suit the selfish needs of the abuser? Is this what the Mother’s Movement stands for? YOUR CONFUSED BILL WINDSOR IS NOT THE MOTHERS MOVEMENT HE IS A MOTHER HATER!!

HE THREATENS MOTHERS LIVES and SAFETY PUBLISH THEIR PERSONAL INFO (THANKS TO YOU JANICE their homes their children their jobs and all family members so that THEY can be further Victimized, stalked, terrorized. Gee Thanks Janice for cutting OUR throats and then Crying like a little baby and YOU WANT SYMPATHY???

How can those in the Mother’s Movement justify Claudinine’s  (her name yet again….) extreme behavior and a very obvious threat of harm against Bill Windsor and other protective mothers? (just had to stick that in to look as though you are protecting moms.) And yet those who raise concerns, according to Anon Advocate, and expose the abusive advocate will not be “tolerated”! What will it take for the Mother’s Movement to take a stand against the abusive and threatening actions of some of their “leaders”.NOT TURNING ON THE MOTHERS BUT GETTING RID OF YOU JANICE .or are they changing the rules to excuse abuse, and blame the victims as they are being stalked and terrorized?


There is no coming back from that Janice. The unthinkable. Selling out a battered Mother and her children---- YOU are Dangerous you are evil.

So moving right along….. there is plenty of that self pity blather over at the dog blog… boring…..


(Author) Another PMA Survivor

Friday, July 12, 2013

Naming, Selling, Hating - of Battered Mothers - A PMA, Janice Levinson, THROW MOTHER UNDER THE BUS activist

As we said in the beginning.
You play with wolves you will get bit.

REALLY? And she (Janice Levinson) wonders why no one trusts her? 

Janice Levinson created the dog blog everyone knows it, why she continues to disgrace herself is typical narcissistic sociopathic behaviour.

This is what a supportive moms group looks like to Janice.

Of course besides all the hate posts about mothers, yes real mothers to boost their hate wordpress site note what all already know …

Lawless America and her – remain in bedded with each other. Why?
One reason. To blackmail moms, hurt victims, then claim to be their messiah.

Janice, you really did fuk yourself up huh? Now your ONLY road is going down even further.

Hate, hate and more hate, spewed from the mouths of jealous immature sick female MOTHER HATING female who is identical to Bill Windsor.

Well Janice, you wanted fame, I guess you will always be remembered for that. Hows that working out for you?? 
Feel good?? 

Lawless America - Bill Windsor

Lawless America - Bill Windsor

Lawless America - Bill...

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Adamt Wolfe
Adamt Wolfe

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Cover Photo

Janice Levinson
Janice Levinson
Work and Education
Protective Mothers' Alliance International
Protective Mothers' Alliance International
Co-Founder & Executive Director
  • PMA International
    PMA INTL is an International organization co founded by Lundy Bancroft and Janice Levinson PMA consists of protective mother-driven advocates for change.
    PMA INL. is a protective mother-driven organization co-founded by Lundy Bancroft and Janice Levinson. Janice Levinson is executive director. PMA INL. is working toward bringing about dramatic reform in family court for protective mothers and their children. PMA advocates for change through education, legislation reform, enforcement of current legislation, community and media outreach and other strategies that may be effective and beneficial. PMA supports the efforts of protective mothers in keeping themselves and their children safe from the abuse of a former partner, and in empowering these mothers to become advocates for themselves and others.
    PMA INL. is a protective mother-driven organization co-founded by Lundy Bancroft and Janice Levinson. Janice Levinson is executive director. PMA INL. is working toward bringing about dramatic reform in family court for protective mothers and their children.
    PMA INL has several networks including but not limited to ; HEAR US NOW, HEALING AND PRAYER and MAN UP FOR MOMS. PMA INL has a successful blog talk radio show hosted by Janice Levinson and attorney Tom Burton where professionals and mothers highlight, debate and discuss the issues in family court around the world. PMA INTL's newsletter" Guardian of Truth"also does much to enlighten and inform the public on family court corruption/abuse. PMA INTL'S Gold Ribbon Campaign / Mother and Child Reunion, encourages all Mothers to wear gold ribbons until their estranged children are back in their loving arms.
    PMA administrators, chapter leaders and members are working together as a tight team to change harmful practices that eliminate, or restrict loving, biological mothers from the lives of their children.


Protective Mothers' Alliance International

Protective Mothers' Alliance Intl's : Man Up for Moms
About Janice
Co-Founder/Executive Director Protective Mothers' Alliance International
Americans with disablilites and victims of legal abuse
Certified ADA Court Advocate
Basic Information
Relationship Status
In a Relationship
More About Janice Levinson

Monday, July 1, 2013

Janice Levenison When You Play With Wolves

When You Pick Victims and REAL Victim Advocates to Slam for The Sole Purpose of Raising Your Own Self Serving, Self Absorbed Worthless Self.....

There Will Always Be Repercussions. Choose Your Battles Wisely.

So You Like Wolves? Always Easy To Define Someone By Whom they Project Their-selves on.

When You Play With Wolves -- Be Careful.

They Bite Back.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

The Ugly Duckling That Stayed Ugly

Poor Janice and her motley team of hatred.
 The more they propagate their hate the more they become what they spew.

  1. AMPP has attacked my organization, Protective Mothers' AllianceInternational, myself and Lundy Bancroft (our co founder) on and off for years. Please understand I am a protective mom, (YOU ARE A LYING BITCH) so we are supposed to be on the same team as AMPP. But no, they even attack their own team members.

    Lundy Bancroft is the author of several books about family court corruption and has appeared in court cases as an expert witness. He has trained and educated judges on the dynamics of DV in family court and is very well respected in the family court reform movement speaking around the world at various conferences. His first book " Why Does He Do That? Inside the Minds of Angry and Controlling Men" is widely considered bible- like in it's truth an insights about abusers.

    AMPP called Lundy a fraud and part of the extreme fathers
    rights movement. Both of which is such a lie and laughable. They spread slander all over the internet about PMA and myself saying such lies as; We are dangerous,we put mothers personal info out on the net, we charge fees to join PMA and so much more. All lies . All baseless
    allegations They went so far as to contact our leaders via email saying as such in an attempt to put or organization out of business. They did not succeed, yet oddly, they keep trying to join us and stalk us on Face Book repeatedly by trying to join all our groups and
    sometimes creating new profiles under different names to do so.

    We established a PMA no abuse zone and posted it on our website because of these attacks and also to protect our moms from their abuse. We are constantly approached by them and others wanting AMPP to work with PMA. When I refuse, another attack of lies begins with them saying
    PMA does not want to work with other orgs. I tell them not true, since PMA does work with other orgs but PMA does not work with abusers,no matter their gender. My life was threatened right before a Battered Mothers Custody Conference where the slander continued as Claudine D. told several participates at this conference not to bother listening to Lundy and my speech, as we were both frauds. Our original Face book page was hi-jacked by Lorraine Tipton and Cara Wilson who then open the flood gates allowing Claudine and other AMPP ers in and forcing me out. They started a Face Book group with vulgar titles that had Lundy's picture on the profile . One group had Lundy's face on a sock puppet and was titled " will the real Lundy Bancroft please stand up?" The other group's title was too vulgar for me to even mention, but also had Lundy's picture. I was successful in getting Face book to tear these down as even they could see how bad the bullying was by the title and content of these groups. They have done so much more to even post here, but this will give you a good idea of what they do to fellow protective mothers.

    So, AMPP is at it again, making us protective moms look bad. Please know they do not represent most protective mothers . . My feelings are, regardless how you feel about an organization it's leader, philosophies, practices ect. it is never ok to abuse. Their is no excuse for their behavior. No excuse for abuse, especially in a movement that is fighting abuse. Kudos to Lundy for being one of the few in the mothers movement willing to stand up for the truth and stand up to their abuse.He is truly a man of character and will always have my total respect. Kudos to Bill for doing the same. In a movementfighting corruption and abuse, their is no room for abusers , no matter their gender.

    --Janice Levinson
    Protective Mothers' Alliance International
    Executive Director/co-founder

Claudine is no hero. She is an abuser. Her actions are exactly like
protective moms' abuser exes. Protective mothers, need a united front
yes, but you cannot work with abusers. For you and others to say this, shows
exactly the same mindset as family court saying to you , you need
to be united and work it out with your abuser ex. We all need to learn
from our experiences and not repeat mistakes. Not to be hypocrites,
We need to walk our talk. Abusers come in both genders. Her actions
are inhibiting our progress. Other mothers denials of who she really is by defending her and continuing to work with her
damages the mothers movement and our credibility. Don't forget she attacks other protective moms too.
Anyone who gets too much attention for her liking gets, attacked by
her so - called group. Protective mothers who engage with her and her group need to wake up, heal and stop exchanging devotion from
one abuser to another. Regardless of father on mother abuse or mother
on mother abuse, abuse is abuse and should never be tolerated.

That's ok...   "We All Can't Be Beautiful"
We all know that evil will self implode upon its self...
ewwwww but take cover when it does!! Umbrella?

Published on Mar 26, 2013
go to: http://americanmotherspoliticalparty....
and also

Author "We All Can't Be Beautiful"